Sheila M Cahill, JD, MSW

Relational Psychotherapy Services

About My Work


What is 'relational' psychotherapy?  In short, it's a newish but now fairly widely accepted view of how therapists can provide the most effective therapy experience for their patients.  Less ' does that make you feel?' and more of a frank and genuine exchange between the two persons in the room.  As your therapist, I will keep my focus on you, of course.  But our work together will feel more like an ordinary conversation about life than like a traditional therapy -- at least as depicted on TV and in the movies.

About Therapy for You

           Do you want to

  •  get over feeling stuck, or hopeless?
  •  get over feeling anxious and worried?
  •  find ways to feel happier and more productive?
  •  just sit down with a non-judgmental listener who will help you figure things out?  

All of the above and more could mean that you are ready to benefit from therapy.  What next?

Let's See if We're a Good Fit

All the research shows that the most important factor in whether any type of therapy is helpful is the relationship between therapist and patient.  I know this was true for me, when I was in therapy. That's why  I offer an initial 45-minute 'look-see' session at half my usual fee.  So we can get a feeling for what it would be like to work together, as you make what could turn out to be one of the most important decisions you'll make.  This year, at least!  Check out the FAQ page for fee info and more.

How to Start

                 Email me at or call or text me at 202-322-6236